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Seeking an alternative to therapy for phobias? Trying to kick a bad habit? You can come to Centered Hypnotherapy for hypnotherapy services in Rochester, MN and the surrounding areas, or book a virtual session online. Our certified hypnotherapist serves both adults and children and offers virtual hypnotherapy sessions.

Schedule your first session with a hypnotherapist today. Issues dealing with a specific diagnosis may require a referral from a physician or psychiatrist. Contact for more details or questions.

What could you use hypnosis for?

Hypnotherapy services are used by all kinds of people seeking an alternative to their normal routine. With a careful approach that focuses on the subconscious root of the issue instead of a symptom, many people find this option useful. You may want to consider:

Hypnosis for stress
Hypnosis for anxiety
Hypnosis for phobias
Hypnosis for bad habits
Hypnosis for communication skills

In addition to honing skills and helping clients work through stress and anxiety, our certified hypnotherapist also works well with children. He assists children who struggle with bedwetting, focusing and other issues. Speak to our hypnotherapist today to discuss how hypnotherapy could help you.

Our approach to

When you're seeking an alternative approach to dealing with something like stress or anxiety, hypnotherapy services are a great option. Our hypnotherapist works with clients by:

  • Focusing on self-improvement
  • Taking a holistic and organic approach
  • Providing non-invasive ways to move forward

He chooses to dig into the root cause of an issue instead of treating the symptoms and strives to meet every client where they're at. You'll work closely with him to identify the root causes of your trouble and move forward. Contact us at or call at 507-267-3344 to set up a complimentary phone consultation to learn more.

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